Loki The Therapy Cat (And Rightful King Of Asgard) Joins The Meow Place

The Norse god of mischief is at it again. Meet Loki, the therapy cat! He was found abandoned in a church cemetery at just 8 weeks old, but when he unexpectedly showed up at our door, we knew we had to help him! Read his full story at The Meow Place.

Loki the therapy cat is the newest addition to our family, and he’ll be training to be the best therapy cat EVER.

This kitten is burdened with glorious purpose. Meet Loki the Therapy Cat (and rightful king of Asgard). This little fellow was found in the saddest of places, but he was rescued just in time! Find out what happened in our latest blog post at The Meow Place.

So, aside from being busy as heck, we got an unexpected addition to the family. I say unexpected because he literally showed up with one of our fellow church members on Wednesday.

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Little Kitten Loki

Loki isn’t technically a therapy cat yet, but we knew as soon as we saw him that he was cuddler material. Come on… look at that sweet face. And the PURR on this little guy – WOW!

Kitten Abandoned In A Church Cemetery

Don't be fooled by that sweet face; Loki is a bundle of energy! Loki the therapy cat bounced into our lives unexpectedly, but it's what happened next that truly surprised us. Read more by tapping the picture.

Jean, a fellow church member and long-time friend, rolled up in her pickup truck on Wednesday with the tiny bundle of fur who is now named Loki. He was meowing and scared, but he warmed right up to us. She said that she had found him alone in the church cemetery, clinging to a tree.

This particular church has a history of having animals dumped there, and it’s out in the middle of nowhere. He didn’t randomly wind up there after wandering away from a farm or something. It was also pretty evident that Loki had been well taken care of (up until being abandoned, that is).

We have no idea how long he was out there. He’s lucky Jean and her family stopped by when they did because coyotes are regular prowlers out there.

Getting Loki The Therapy Cat Settled In

Honestly, it didn’t take very long. We started by putting him in the main floor bathroom and giving him some wet food. He chowed down like he hadn’t eaten in awhile; my heart dropped just a little knowing he had been starving.

Next, we had to do something very few cats enjoy – we had to give him a bath!

One of the first things we had to do after finding Loki was give him a bath. He had been abandoned in a cemetery for who knows how long, and a bath can help wash off fleas and flea eggs. Make sure you use a safe flea/tick medication that's suitable for your cat's age. Read more about Loki's rescue story at The Meow Place blog by tapping the picture.

Many snuggles and towel rubs were given afterwards, and we wrapped him in the warmest fleece blanket with a heating pad set on low. Loki was out like a light before long.

How Loki Got His Name

Loki (and the vet did conform it’s a he), as his name implies, is mischievous. Then again, aren’t all kittens? We didn’t have any kitten supplies on hand, so we had to improvise.

(Check out our complete checklist of everything you need to adopt a cat)

We used a medium-size broiling pan and filled it with Pretty Litter (thank goodness we had extra!). Pretty Litter is our saving grace when it comes to smelly cat poop. I swear by it 100%, and it can indicate early signs of illness through color changes in the silica gel litter.

Now that his stomach issues have improved (he had an upset tummy from the sudden diet change), the litter is working well and he knows how to cover his poop. We also use this handy-dandy air purifier to make sure absolutely no odor hangs around.

Pretty Litter

The Saving Power Of Chewy’s 2-Day Delivery

Since Loki the Therapy Cat’s arrival was so unexpected, we obviously had nothing on hand for a new kitten. We were able to get some Boots & Barkley catnip toys, a stainless steel food dish and a pet carrier from Target/Walmart, but we needed food!

I had some Nature’s Variety canned cat food on hand that did have instructions for kitten feeding. It would have to do until our Chewy delivery arrived. We ordered a litter box, litter mat, dental chew toys (for teething kittens!), Get Naked chicken treats and the Bergan Turbo Scratcher, all from Chewy.

Nature’s Variety also makes a chicken kitten canned food that Loki has gobbled up every meal. A big thank you to Chewy for the speedy delivery! Read our full review of Chewy’s awesome service for more information on their stellar products.

How Do Misha And Tippy Feel About The New Kitten?

Misha and Tippy are used to being the babies of the family. They’re treated like the princesses they are, and they know something’s up. So far, it’s progressed from some major hissing and spitting to the occasional low growl and batting of a paw.

We’re using a combination of Cole & Marmalade’s cat introductions training and Jackson Galaxy’s challenge lines strategy. It basically involves letting the cats slowly see more and more of each other while getting closer and closer together. This is usually accomplished through a closed door, then with a divider in the open doorway.

I’ll keep you all updated on how life with the new kitten is going – as well as how Misha and Tippy are adjusting! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for kitten updates and more. Check out our Pinterest for cat care tips, cat memes and the latest pet products!

Do you have any tips to share with us about kitten care? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section!

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  1. I think it’s great that you guys have taken Loki in! I really hate to think that someone abandoned him, but at least he found a good home afterwards. I hope that he continues to prove a great therapy cat and a new addition to your family!

    1. He’s a little snuggler. He also loves to punch me in the nose and bite my nose as well. We’re slowly teaching him not to be so bitey!

  2. Hello there Loki! We hope things go well with the other cats.

    1. He’s meeting Misha tonight, then we’ll try with Tippy. Wish us luck!

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