A Tale Of Two Kitties

Meet Tippy


Hi, I’m Tippy! My mom came and got me and my sister from the Redwood Area Animal Shelter last September. I was sad to leave all of my friends, but I fit right in at my furever home. My humans pamper me day and night by petting me, feeding me delicious food and letting me race up and down the hall.

I love to take naps. Oh boy, do I love to take naps! They’re my favorite part of the day. I also love to misbehave if I think it’s time to get fed. Some mornings, I wake up at 5 a.m. and start meowing at my humans’ doors until they come out and feed me.

I’ve had a lot of health issues since my mom and her siblings got me, but they’ve taken great care of me. They’ll do anything to keep me healthy! Although my sister and I both have an upper respiratory infection, it doesn’t keep us from running around and playing hard.

My sister likes to beat up on me even though she’s smaller. She can be so mean! I love her lots, though, and we groom each other every day and try to trip our mom when she’s walking with heavy things in the kitchen. I don’t know why she gets so mad when we do that…

Meet Misha


I’m Misha. Mom says I’m a little shy, but I love to cuddle up when no one is around. Mom also thinks that someone may have been mean to me when I was small because I’m afraid of most people. That’s why she’s always there for me when there are visitors. She stays with me to make sure that I don’t get upset.

I’m really small for my age, so I show how tough I am by doing pull-ups on desks and chairs. Now I have super-strength! I can play all day and night, but mommy seems to get tired after only a few hours of playing with me. Humans sure get tired easily!

My mom and her siblings didn’t plan to take me home. When they got to the animal shelter I was staying at, they found out about me. They wanted me to go home with my sister, but my humans said they could only take one of us. I think my mom must have felt bad because she called her mom to ask purr-mission, and she finally said yes! I was going home with Tippy!

My favorite toys are my bee-on-a-string and my collection of catnip mice. I play Fetch with mom and grandma whenever I can, but sometimes I get in trouble when I play too hard. I forget that my humans don’t have fur like I do and that my claws can hurt them! I give them kitty kisses when they get scratched; they forgive me soon after that!

Our Furever Home

We live in Minnesota with our mom, her siblings and their parents. We’re one big family, and we like it that way! Mom says we help her be happy. She gets really sad sometimes, but she’s been so much better since she adopted us. Aunt Mandy and Uncle Matt take care of us too; they spoil us with toys and treats all the time.

Our grandma and grandpa weren’t sure about us at first, but they warmed up to us as soon as they saw our cute fuzzy faces. Grandpa says he likes dogs better, but we know he loves us more. What’s a dog, anyway?