Sherlock And Watson Find Their Very Own ‘Baker Street’ Home

Sherlock and Watson found their perfect Baker Street home after being abandoned by their family of six years. Now they're living the spoiled life! Read their story by tapping the picture.

Abandoned by their family of six years, these brothers with famous names have found a new home with their biggest fan.

First of all, you guys need to know how huge of a Holmes nerd I am.

I started reading the Sherlock Holmes short stories in 7th grade, and I fell in love. Sherlock Holmes was my perfect guy-crush. After eventually reading all 56 short stories and the four novels, I took a trip to London in 2012 to the Sherlock Holmes museum!

Amber from The Meow Place got to visit the Sherlock Holmes museum in London, and now she wants to introduce you to two ginger gentlemen named Sherlock and Watson! Tap the picture to keep reading.
Please forgive my face. I was crying tears of joy.

I could go on and on, but I’d better get to this Friday’s Frisky Feline Feature. Meet Sherlock and Watson, two ginger gentleman that will steal your heart.

Sherlock And Watson Tell Their Story

I’m very excited to feature you guys! Being a Holmes fan, I couldn’t help but notice that your birthday was one day before the actual Sherlock Holmes (Jan. 6th is said to be his official birthday)!

Sherlock and his brother Watson were abandoned by their family of six years. After bouncing between their foster home and the adoption center at Petsmart, these two gentlemen finally found their very own Mrs. Hudson - er, I mean, forever human. Tap the picture to read their story!

So, Sherlock and Watson, where did you call home before you met your current family?

Sherlock: “2016 started out pretty rough for us brothers. We were abandoned by our previous family. Suddenly, we found ourselves going between the foster home and the adoption viewing area at Petsmart.”

That must have been rough. At least you two had each other!

Watson: “Sherlock and I were very sad and stressed. We were with our previous family for 6 years; what did we do wrong?! For months we sat un-adopted watching kittens around us go home with families. So many humans looked at us, but they were always drawn to the younger cats.

One summer day, two humans visited us at Petsmart. They were also having a bad year. They had just lost one of their elderly cats and were about to lose another (though they didn’t know it yet). Sherlock, being the more outgoing of us, really laid on the charm with the humans. Even though we were on our best behavior, we remained at Petsmart for several more weeks and were then returned to the foster house.”

Two sweet ginger kitties with famous names were dumped by their humans. After several months of waiting, watching other cats come and go, the two saw a ray of hope in a couple who had just lost someone dear to them. Find out what happened on our blog by tapping the picture.
Watson (left) and his brother Sherlock (right) are insep-purr-able!

I’m so sorry! Sometimes it’s hard for humans to get a fresh start. Surely that wasn’t the last you saw of them…

Watson: “Evidently, the humans couldn’t stop thinking about us and called around to find us because we were no longer at the store. They came to see us. Sherlock outdid himself and got on his hind legs and put his paws up as high as they would go on the female human. He meowed ‘Hi, human! Please take us home!’, and the rest is history.”

Sherlock: “That day, we found our forever home. We couldn’t be happier with our new humans. They spoil us rotten and give us so much love. They were hesitant to adopt us because they were having some hard times, but it was obvious we needed them as much as they needed us. Together, we are a happy family. We even have a new baby sister! I bet she will be fun to play with once she’s not so tiny.”

Watson: “Please adopt older cats. We have so much love to give, and we have healing powers!”

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4 Thoughts to “Sherlock And Watson Find Their Very Own ‘Baker Street’ Home”

  1. SG79

    Always love these types of stories. Reminds me of a situation with two Maine Coons whose owner passed away about 3 years ago (I came across the listing months after seeing a few YouTube vids of them). Really hope they were as lucky as Sherlock and Watson.

  2. Jackie

    Aww, I love a happy ending! What beautiful boys (and very photogenic too), I’m so glad they got a loving home. I really don’t get people like their former owners, I could never rehome a cat that I had taken in. Thanks for mentioning the Sherlock Holmes museum, I didn’t know about it and now I’ve moved back to England (with my 2 rescue cats who had their own pet passports for a 1200 mile road trip up through Europe) it’s only an hour away on the train, so that’s on the to-do list now!

    1. Aren’t they cute? Er, I mean ‘handsome’!

  3. Mandy

    So sad that people can just abandon cats or any animal. Glad they found a loving home!

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