Resources For Cat Owners

Resources for cat owners, including rescue organizations, animal shelters and informational websites.The Meow Place aims to provide the most up-to-date information and resources for cat owners through our blog posts. However, other websites that are older and wiser than us can be of great help.

If you can’t find it here, try one of these helpful links to find the information you need. We’ve also included several organizations and charities that make it their mission to help all cats find a loving home.

nØkill Network

The nØkill Network helps find a no-kill shelter in your area, as well as promoting no-kill practices at shelters who may not have adopted the no-kill policy yet. The organization works closely with other charities and rescue programs to help shelters get funding and information in order to become a no-kill shelter.


Petfinder helps people across the United States find adoptable animals nearby. They also have great resources that pertain to pet care, such as adoption checklists and helpful tips for common problems.


This resource is great for influencers with blogs or pet-related companies. They have a social learning community with courses, as well as a cheery bunch of community members that are always ready to help.


You can find articles on pretty much anything cat-related on Catster, formerly known as Cat Fancy. Aside from having an online site, you can get a monthly subscription to the physical magazine.


If you’ve heard of WebMD, you can probably guess what PetMD is. They have helpful medical advice for pets and their owners, but remember: the advice on PetMD is not a substitute for a real, certified veterinary diagnosis.