The Top 5 Manliest Cat Breeds For Dude Bros

Are you a dude bro in search of a badass pet? Don't scratch cats off your list just yet - we've got five of the manliest cat breeds for you right here. Tap the picture to keep reading.
Get ready to meet five badass cat breeds that will help you keep your tough guy image.

Are you in the market for a cat that will help you keep your tough guy image? Check out our list of the top manliest cat breeds.

You’re a guy who loves cats. You love looking at their tiny faces and getting lost in their eyes. On the other hand, your fellow dudes don’t feel the same.

I get it. Dogs have always been the “manly” choice for a domestic pet. Still, you really want a fluffball to love on. If you feel your testosterone levels rapidly dropping after looking at cute cat pictures, don’t worry – I have five of the manliest cat breeds for you to choose from (in no particular order).

Kurilian bobtail cats are rumored to be able to take down bears, which is why they're the first on our list of the top manliest cat breeds in the world.

#5 – Kurilian Bobtail

“What the hell is this?” you may be asking yourself. “I thought she was going to show me some badass cats!” Oh, I am, and the Kurilian Bobtail is one of the toughest.

Any cat spawned in Russia is bound to be a badass. The Kurilian Bobtail earns that title for this reason alone: it’s a  popular belief that it can take down bears. That’s right, you heard me… MOTHEREFFING BEARS. It’s sort of like the Russian Bear Dog, but this cat hunts in packs. Get enough Kurilian Bobtails together, and they could take down a small bear. Whoa.

The Bombay cat has hypnotic eyes and a jet black coat, but how does it rank in our list of the top manliest cat breeds in the world?

#4 – Bombay

There is only one true black cat, and that’s the Bombay. This house panther has a hypnotic stare that will have you wondering whether or not it’s a familiar (a witch’s animal companion). Yellow eyes burn bright against ebony fur that is black as night. Yep, this cat is definitely magical.

If you don’t think it’s manly enough, just remember that it could secretly be a seductive animorph like the one in the episode “Catspaw” from Star Trek. After all, she was more powerful than her master and nearly bested Captain Kirk.

Want a cat that's bigger than a small child? The Maine Coon looks intimidating, but it's actually a gentle giant.

#3 – Maine Coon

As the largest domestic cat breed known to man, the Maine Coon definitely has the intimidation factor. Even your buddy’s German Shepherd will whimper when it sees this gigantic feline. There’s no need to tell him that the Maine Coon is one of the most gentle cats around.

Just let your fellow dude bros keep a wary eye on this hulk-size kitty. Seriously, it looks like it could annihilate a small child with one swipe of its paw. It won’t, though; your girl can rest easy knowing that the Maine Coon is great with kids.

Ancient and revered, the Sphynx cat is legendary enough to make our list of the top manliest cat breeds in the world. Can you handle this fearsome feline?

#2 – Sphynx

It’s like someone cast a rage spell on a pile of wrinkles. The Sphynx is a strange-looking cat breed that has become increasingly popular amongst the menfolk. Maybe it’s because of its lack of shedding and its fondness for sweaters, but I’m guessing it’s because it looks like a hairless pointy-eared demon that escaped hell.

Some Sphynx owners still haven’t gotten used to their cat’s unique appearance. Come on… wouldn’t you freak out if you woke up to the glowing round eyes of Cat!Golem at the foot of your bed?

Your eyes aren't deceiving you - that really is a werewolf cat. Okay, so it only LOOKS like a werewolf, but still! Lykoi cats are one of the coolest cat breeds on the market. Learn more about them by tapping the picture.

#1 – Lykoi

We saved the best for last. The Lykoi is, perhaps, the manliest cat breed of all. From Lon Chaney Jr. as The Wolfman, to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, the silver screen has seen its fair share of bulging masculinity in muscular movie macho men. The Lykoi cat deserves its own blockbuster hit in my opinion; it looks just like a miniature werewolf!

Lykoi cats came to be through a series of mutations, sort of like the werewolf transforming under the full moon. Its terrifying appearance has intrigued both cat and non-cat people alike. One could even say it’s far more suited to men than it is to women, but the manliest cat breeds are available to all.

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  1. That Sphynx is definitely thinking “Don’t mess with me!”
    I’ve never heard of a Lykoi betore. Are you sure it’s the manliest?

    1. A werewolf cat? That looks like an actual werewolf? If that’s not the manliest cat breed, I don’t know what is. XD

  2. Interesting list. Real men love cats 🙂

  3. For some reason, cats are seen as feminine in our society, but there are so many things about them that men love. Cats are some of the most deadly predators in the world! Their reflexes are top notch and they don’t take crap from anyone. 🙂 If you ask me, they sound like little action heroes!

  4. Mandy

    I love the Bombay cat! Very cute and manly!

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