2016 Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Cats (And Cat Lovers!)

Which would you choose: Meowbox, KitNipBox, or PurrPacks? We can't decide! | www.themeowplace.com

Make your Meowmas cheery and bright with these stylish and affordable gifts you and your cat will love.

We’re not going to waste your time with overpriced gifts that only the rich can afford. You deserve better than that. The Meow Place has meticulously searched and gathered only the coolest holiday gifts for cats and cat lovers alike.

#1 – Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed

Get your cat the perfect Christmas present when you buy the Bamboo Radiator Bed. It works on stairs too! | www.themeowplace.com
Listed on Amazon for only $37.

Ah, to be a cat and lie in front of the heat vent all day. Although this bed is designed for use over a radiant heating system, you can also hang it on staircase banisters for a cozy perch.

#2 – Bubble Backpack

How much do you love your cat? Would you buy them these insanely awesome Christmas gifts? | www.themeowplace.com
Available in yellow, pink and green for $56.

If your cats are anything like mine, they’re fascinated by the outside world… but they’re scared to be released into it. The bubble backpack provides a safe way to adventure with your cat while giving them a neat little lookout window.

#3 – Christmas Cat Collars

We're loving the awesome designs of Cool Cat Collars Uk's Christmas collars. Click to see where to get them! | www.themeowplace.com
International shipping is cheap, and these collars start at only $8.73!

Cool Cat Collars UK has some awesome designs that we couldn’t resist sharing with you. These affordable, lightweight collars are ultra-durable. Check out our full review of them here.

#4 – Cat Lovers Goblet

Do you love cats and wine? How about putting the two together with your very own Cat Lovers Wine Goblet? | www.themeowplace.com
Goblets are a steal at $10 a piece.

Have a cozy night in with your cat (or fellow cat lover) with the Cat Lovers Goblet from Fox n’ Feline. It comes with its own wine charm and hand-painted whiskers. It also pairs well with Catnip Wine (for kitty consumption only!).

#5 – Dr. Catsby’s Whisker Relief Food Bowl

Dr. Catsby's Whisker Relief Food Bowl is ergonomically designed to protect a cat's delicate, sensitive whiskers during mealtimes. | www.themeowplace.com
Get it here for only $20!

We know from experience that cats’ whiskers take a beating when they’re eating. The Whisker Relief cat food bowl is designed to protect cats’ sensitive whiskers while maintaining a beautiful modern design. Your cat will thank you!

#6 – Pretty Litter

I've tried just about every litter available, but nothing worked better than Pretty Litter. | www.themeowplace.com
The more you buy, the more you save! Starts at $21 per bag.

Not only does this litter sparkle and shine like the vampires from Twilight, it also has color-changing technology. This litter can litter-ally detect early signs of illness in your cat. You can get 10% off your order by using discount code “MeowPlace10” at checkout. Oh, and did we mention… one bag lasts an entire month!

#7 – Shark Bed

This adorable shark cat bed comes with a removable cushion for easy washing. | www.themeowplace.com
Available from Amazon for $30.

Dun nuh. Dun nuh. Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. This adorable shark bed tickles us pink (which just so happens is one of the available colors). It reflects your cat’s heat back at them so they stay toasty warm, and the waterproof cushion is removable for cleaning.

#8 – Tabby Tantalizing Tornado Toy

This twisted tapestry of fun will have your cat playing for hours. You can even add your own catnip! | www.themeowplace.com
You can get it for $35 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Geez. Try saying that five times fast; it’s almost as difficult as pronouncing the name of the company that sells it. This toy actually looks incredibly amusing. Er, for the cat, of course. The top opens up so you can add your choice of catnip for a tasty feline treat. The fan in the center is cat-safe and won’t hurt those delicate paws!

#9 – Cat-Themed Gift Box

Which would you choose: Meowbox, KitNipBox, or PurrPacks? We can't decide! | www.themeowplace.com
You can buy a gift for someone or subscribe yourself! Boxes are delivered monthly.

You have your pick of the litter with this one. Several cat boxes are available, both for the cats themselves and for their devoted pet parents. Choose from MeowBox, KitNipBox, PurrPacks, CatLadyBox and more. The internet is full of them!

#10 – Mewgaroo Pet Holder Hoodie

This feline-friendly hoodie comes with a pocket to carry your cat around in. | www.themeowplace.com
Get it for as low as $60.

If you have to splurge on anything this holiday season, let it be this. You love cuddling up with your cat, and now they’ll have a special snuggling place all their own. Meanwhile, you stay cozy and warm in a cute hoodie with cat ears. Everybody wins!



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