Do you love cats? We do to! See what the purrs are all about at The Meow Place.

Here at The Meow Place, we love all things feline.

The pink noses. The jelly bean paws. The slow blink of large green eyes. It’s easy to see how these fuzzy little balls of fur have taken over the internet. Everything from Caturday to floods of kitty Instagram pics is what makes the online world tick, and why not? No other creature is as adorable as the felis domesticus (that’s science for “cat”).

The things we don’t love about cats are the things we get caught up on: what we should feed them, why they’re having litter box troubles, etc.. It can be frustrating figuring out how the feline system works and how best to take care of your cat. Truth be told, there’s not a right answer for every aspect of it.

Every cat is different. There are over 40 different breeds of cat in the world today, with some associations recognizing up to 73. That’s a lot of cats! Each breed has its own personality and quirks, from the highly energetic Bengal to the sophisticated (yet snobbish) Siamese.

The Meow Place is a website for cat owners that aims to entertain and inform by answering the hard questions like 1) What do I feed my cat? 2) Why does my cat run around at godawful hours of the night? and 3) How do I stop my cat’s poop from smelling like mustard gas? All of those questions and more will be covered in The Meow Place blog.

In the meantime, hop on over to read about the stars of The Meow Place, Tippy and Misha, and their humble (and overworked) fur mama Amber.